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Empowered Alchemy

Elizabeth Ellen has combined her passion for teaching and empowering others to help individuals achieve their goals and live a successful life. 

Through hypnosis, NLP coaching, meditation, mindfulness, creative visualisation, natural therapies, and holistic counselling, Elizabeth will empower you with rapid change techniques.

Life Coaching

Imagine a life of not having to worry. Imagine achieving every goal that you set.

Magical confidence brings happiness and success.

It is in the right mix of focus, determination, and research. If you have the right mindset, knowledge, motivation, and skill, the rest will quickly follow!

By releasing all of your negative emotions and energy, it's the first step in becoming happy and achieving your goals. 

You can achieve all of this through one-on-one sessions.

These will affect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life.

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One-on-one sessions for

  • Work, home, life balance
  • Life transformation
  • Magical confidence and self-empowerment 
  • Health and fitness
  • Career advancement 
  • Personal bests
  • Increase product turnover and sales
  • Blissful relationships

Let the team at Empowered Alchemy help you achieve everything necessary to make you successful in your life. 

Education & Qualifications

With a variety of University degrees and education under her belt, Elizabeth knows how to engage with clients and help them successfully achieve their goals.

Tailored Service

Elizabeth will collaborate with you to ensure her services are tailored to suit your individual needs. She commits to providing a unique experience for every client.

One-On-One Sessions

One-on-one life coaching sessions will help Elizabeth get to know you on a personal level. She will find out where you want to be and will help get you there.

Combined Experience

With a combined experience of teaching and empowering others, Elizabeth is the perfect Life Coach for you.

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I’d like to thank Elizabeth Ellen for giving me the opportunity to love myself again. She has helped me overcome so many past, present and future hurdles and I can now see more clearly than ever. I’ve never felt more in control of my life and have never been so focused on what I want and what I truly deserve. Elizabeth has helped me reframe my train of thought and also the way I treat not only my future moving forward but the way I see my past. She has helped me establish who I truly am and the potential I hold. I will forever be grateful and thankful that I came across Empowered Alchemy and will have a friend and mentor in Elizabeth for a long time to come.

When I first met Elizabeth I was at a point in my life where I literally didn’t know which way to turn. Every day I felt that I was standing facing a brick wall with no way over, through or around it. I decided to do Elizabeth’s breakthrough session as I knew I needed for her to get to know me and for us to spend a decent period of time together. She even allowed me to stay in her home whilst we were working together as I lived over an hour away by car. The work I did with her has produced powerful change within me. It was a gradual process but bit by bit I gained clarity and made shifts within myself to now be at a point where the brick wall has gone, I do know which way to turn, I know that there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me and that I have much to live for. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth for her knowledge, kindness and friendship.

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9 Church St, Elderslie NSW 2570